Amgen Expert Theater Presentations

Expert Theater Presentation on LDL-C
Benjamin Ansell and Usman Baber PRESENTERS (LIVE) Benjamin Ansell, MD
Usman Baber, MD, MS
James A. Underberg PRESENTER (ON-DEMAND) James A. Underberg, MS, MD, FACPM, FASPC, FASH, FNLA Clinical Lipidology
Sunday, May 16,
12:45–1:45 pm ET
and On-Demand
Expert Theater Presentation on Lp(a)
PRESENTER Prediman K. Shah, MD, MACC
Sunday, May 16,
9:45–10:45 am ET
and On-Demand

These events are not part of ACC.21, as planned by its Program Committee, and do not qualify for continuing medical education (CME), continuing nursing education (CNE), or continuing education (CE) credit.